If i purchased the course of cypress plugins-

1) how many days i will have access to videos and files and other doucments

2) is it online class or recorded sessions

3) will i get any support if i got struck during practice ?

4) do we have any course coupon code like Advant 2022 which i missed

please help me with above information so that i will

plan a head to join CYpress plugins course

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1) unlimited

2) look at the free lessons at https://cypress.tips/courses/cypress-plugins Every lesson follows the same pattern: read the assignment and hints. Try to finish the task, then verify by looking at my solution and watching my pre-recorded video

3) yes, every student can join my Discord channel where I have support channels for each course. Some of the bonus lessons came from the questions asked by the students

4) not right now, maybe in the future

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