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The end of the Cypress Advent Calendar and the plans for the future
Bonus day 31: Avoid pyramid of THEN callbacks by using aliases and a single function callback
Bonus day 30: How a single Cypress spec can visit multiple domains
Bonus day 29: How I hire Cypress automation engineers
Bonus day 28: stub the file system access from the test
Bonus day 27: Slides and videos from my last three conference talks about testing
Bonus day 26: How to quickly open a documentation page for any topic
Advent day 25: How to overwrite the dreadful "Merge SHA1 into SHA2" Dashboard run title
Advent day 24: more of Cypress plugins that help me write better tests
Advent day 23: A short video showing how to record a test by interacting with the page
Advent day 22: How to save the full page on CI if a test fails